Warner Bros. Interested in Acquiring Temple Run Movie Rights

Hearing about a studio interested in making a movie adaptation based off a video game is not surprising. Ubisoft Motion Pictures has been keeping itself busy with plenty of them. However, hearing about a studio interested in making a movie adaption based off a mobile game is new, at least for me and specially when it comes to the fact that the game is Temple Run.

Warner Bros. has been revealed to be conducting talks right now to acquire the movie rights to the popular endless runner Temple Run. According to Hollywood Reporter if and when the rights are acquired, Gravity and Harry Potter producer David Heyman will be in charge of production.

Temple Run was released in 2011 and sees the player endlessly running away from demonic monkeys. A sequel was released this year and it so far has clocked over 50 million downloads.

It’s uncertain as to what kind of a movie Warner has plans for. Perhaps a treasure hunting/Indiana Jones plot with the native apes safe guarding a temple’s secrets?

Source HollywoodReporter.com