Sony Claims that Defective PlayStation 4s are Isolated Incidents

Drama, drama and drama, that’s what the last couple of days before the mega launch of PlayStation 4 are turning out to be. Well, whether the several defective PlayStation 4 reports are something to worry about or not, Sony wants you to keep it calm.

It looks like the company is looking into the incidents now but is positive that no one needs to be alarmed about it, claiming that these are “isolated incidents.”

President of Sony Computer Entertainment Shuhei Yoshida took to Twitter for reassurance purposes and confirmed that they were looking into the problems.

One of the incidents that made it to the public was when a Reddit user chimed a warning bell saying “When I turn on my console it just sits there pulsing blue [referring to the indicator light, which is supposed to turn white],” and then he went on saying:

“All of them but two [out of the five Sony’s tech support guys he talked to] outright refused to help me saying that the console is not yet released and they can’t help me. Two of the tech tried to help me boot it up into safe mode and that failed. At that point they both told me to call back Friday.”

The guy who posted this claims that he had won the PlayStation 4 earlier through the Taco Bell competition. There have been at least three other incidents of the same nature apart from this one. With one coming from Kotaku editor Stephen Totilo.

Tolito reported that “the first retail unit that Sony provided me failed to work when I plugged it into a TV.”

Well, I certainly hope Yoshida’s tweet means something or else with all these defective PlayStation 4 units, this could be one hell of a launch party.