Nintendo Adding Miiverse to 3DS, Combining eShops and Network IDs

It seems that Nintendo has decided to combine the Wii U and 3DS network IDs, a move which makes managing your balance across both eShop accounts much easier.

Up till now, these have been kept separate, which benefits Nintendo but makes it rather annoying for the consumer.

Overall this change may not seem like much, but it’s definitely a step up for the company. This also allows them to bring the Miiverse to 3DS, definitely a welcome update. Up till now, the service has only been usable on the Wii U and the web.

The update will be coming out some time next month, and you’ll be able to check it out for yourself.

Of course, there is always the possibility that there’s going to be more stuff included in the update, we really don’t know for sure yet. Also, if you have different IDs on each device (3DS, Wii U) then you won’t be able to combine the two accounts.

Still, progress is progress. Remember, Nintendo is still using friend codes on all their platforms, these guys are a little bit behind when it comes to online services. Here’s hoping that they next make digital purchases account-bound and not device bound.