Football Manager 2013: Illegal Download Count Revealed to be Over 10 Million

Football Manager 2013 was released last year on November 1 for the PC and since then has seen to over 10 million illegal downloads off the web.

Taking stage at London Games Conference 2013, studio director Miles Jacobson revealed just how hard piracy has hit them this year. The game was apparently cracked on May 12, 2013 and thus began the downloading spree.

Unknown to many though, the crack accompanying the game had a flaw called Home which ultimately allowed the developer to track down every IP address that illegally downloaded the game. Doing so showed some interesting statistics.

According to Jacobson and his team, the highest amount of downloads originated from China with 3.2 million people deciding on not paying for the game. In second place was Turkey with 1.05 million, followed by Portugal taking third place with 781,785 games. Somewhere down the ladder was Italy with 547,000, as well as one from the Vatican.

However Jacobson doesn’t believe that every download means a lost sale. He did though cite an estimated figure of 176,000 sales which were lost due to piracy. He added that 1.74 percent of illegal downloaders would potentially purchase the game had no crack been available, which would have meant $3.7 million in revenue.

At the end he admitted that there was little anyone can do about the matter. “Crackers are going to crack and people will download,” he said.