Star Trek Online Fights The Voth In Season 8 “The Sphere”

A new season of Star Trek Online is upon us. The free-to-play online multiplayer game (MMO) is up to its eighth run of content. This one is simply called The Sphere.

Here, players embark on a journey through a gateway, to reach the Solanae Dyson Sphere. This odd construction is at the end of the Delta Quadrant houses the evil Voth, which must be dealt with. Content is reserved for level 50 players.

There are several new zones, split into an adventure part and a battle section. In the adventurous part, an Allied quarter gives players events like scientific missions, while the Contested zone takes the fight straight to the Voth. Aside from this overarching plot, there are explorative and rare side missions that yield some surrounding lore.

Combat can also be taken to the ground in the battle zone, where a persistent world has up to 20 player characters brawling against the Voth. Two bridge officers can be brought along for the ride here.

For the eighth season, the MMO gets a new Reputation element, which grants high level characters new captain abilities or better gear sets.

New queued events see five captains take their fleet against a  giant Voth ship. The goal is to eventually get to the ship’s core and blow it up. That’s what you do in space stories.

If you want to have your own little piece of space, you’ll be able to do so by owning a spire in the Sphere. There, you can customize your interior to make this house a home.

Finally, new players can now learn the ropes in a remodeled and fully-voiced tutorial, which streamlines the experience to ease people in.

Star Trek Online really turned its life around. After a rocky start as a subscription MMO, the game changed its model to free-to-play and saw it eventually rise continually in its success.

Adding tons of content for free like this is one way to keep players interested.