Racing Manager 2014 Coming Out on Steam This December

Comport Interactive announced its upcoming release of Racing Manager 2014. It’s headed Steam on December 5, 2013 for a price of $19.99 or a less spiffy €19.99, if you’re European.

As the name states, you’ll be managing the race. This means that you can oversee a racing stable on their way to glory. Both preset teams and customized options are available. Drivers can be created with their own range of skills.

Since not just racers are important, the PC game also includes the possibility to hire engineers, mechanics and designers. This should give you the perfect car to win those events.

Vehicles can furthermore be customized with decals from gained sponsorships, which help you fund your efforts.

If you need a bit more to gain an advantage, a research team can unlock 100 or so technologies for improved performance. Sneaky players can even resort to industrial espionage to straight up lift new resources from their opponents.

Before each race, cars can be tuned to react exactly to the conditions of the track. Since you manage the whole, you won’t be actively driving the event itself. You will, however, control gameplay from the sidelines by monitoring driver feedback, scheduling pit stops and so on.

Should you do well, you’ll be able to improve your life beyond your managerial position. Status symbols like a yacht or a villa are there for the victors.

It’s rare to see dedicated manager titles come out for anything else but the core of sports games like football. Hopefully, Racing Manager 2014 will be able to scratch an itch with an audience that doesn’t get catered to often.

At least, it has its price point set in the right place.