PS4 can Back up Your Data on USB Drives, Has 408 GB of Disk Space

Just as the release date draws nearer, everyone is perched up on top of their seats to grasp even ounce of new information that might surface regarding the next generation consoles.

While digging deeper about the PS4 features, here’s what the cat dragged in; you can export savegames and other game data to USB drives from your PS4.

From where we see it, this came out originally from a Twitter user who uploaded snapshots of the PlayStation 4 User Interface where it suggests exportation of data. Apart from allowing you to upload the data to the online storage, the PlayStation 4 features a function that will let you “copy to USB storage device,” it reads:

“Copy your stored data to a USB Storage device, you can copy it to a friend’s PS4 and continue using the application. You can also use the USB storage device for Back-up.”

I guess this would cheer up most of the Sony followers, but there is something else that might come as a little put off. Another image uploaded by the same guy show the System Storage Management screen and out of the commercially claimed 500GB gets depreciated to 408GB when the device is used.

The technically informed ones of you would already know this but a 500GB drive has an unformatted capacity of 465GB. This would be the usable storage space that you get but in case of the PlayStation OS, it’s taking up almost 10 to 12 percent of the available space. In the end what you are left with is 408GB.

Now this means you can install an average of 12 to 14 games on the console, but that is without accounting for the save data. Don’t ignore humongous games like Killzone: Shadow Fall (45GB) and Call of Duty: Ghosts (49GB) too.

PS4 is bound to hit the racks in two days from now.