PlayStation 4: Support for 3D Blu-rays Missing at Launch

As the launch day for the PlayStation 4 approaches, we get to know the many features that have been excluded by Sony. Rummaging through the console’s online user guide reveals that the PlayStation 4 will not support 3D Blu-rays.

This is very surprising and odd when you recall that the company itself was the prime advocate for the technology. It has to be asked what drove Sony to exclude the feature from their console.

When the question was posted on Shuhei Yoshida’s Twitter, the worldwide studios boss said that the feature would be included later with a patch. However, at launch the ability to play 3D Blu-rays will not be there. He didn’t mention if there was a technical aspect that prevented them from including it on day one or an estimate date by which consumers can expect the patch.

3D Blu-ray support is not the only aspect missing from the console’s launch. MP3 and audio CD options are going to be missing as well. Similarly a future patch has been said to bring in support for the audio feature.

The PlayStation 4 is going to feature a day-one patch that will enable the standard DVD and Blu-ray play. Without that, the console won’t be able to read the said formats.