Major Nelson Shows off Speed of Bing Search on Xbox One

Looks like Major Nelson is back once again with another Vine clip. This time, he’s showing off the speed of Bing Search on Xbox One. It takes about seven seconds for it to happen, from Major Nelson using the voice recognition software of the Kinect to the search results popping up.

I must admit, I’m starting to see the possible benefits of using the Kinect (even though I’ll always feel like it’s the Eye of Sauron watching me in my living room). Nelson also released an earlier Vine video in which he redeems a code by simply holding it out in front of the camera. Now that’s something cool, inputting long strings of characters does get a little annoying.

Kinect 2.0 has really come a long way from the first version. The predecessor had some issues related to space and its position which also kind of made its use limited.

However, these issues have been improved to a greater degree in the latest version of Kinect bundled with Xbox One. With the ongoing improvements, Microsoft wants users to believe that Kinect can be a useful accessory for anyone.

Using the vine video platform is a pretty cool marketing tool as well. The application only allows videos of 6 seconds or less, so you’re given the information very quickly, and it manages to keep the audience’s attention quite well.