Xbox One Controller Hacked To Work on PC, Drivers Still Work in Progress

Yeah, the irrefutable keyboard and mouse combo will always remain a hardcore PC Gamer’s primary choice, but one can’t ignore the fact that controllers have their own charm.

You might want to opt for those sleek joysticks for flight simulation, but I’ve always enjoyed the feel of a sweet wireless Xbox 360 controller while I beat up thugs in Batman: Arkham Origins. I write this as it rests on my 10-year-old PC table, battle-hardened by scratches and accumulation of dust near the contours and curves.

That all might change within the next few months, with the Xbox One release around the corner, and the sassy black controller just begging to be used by PC operators.

We probably won’t be seeing an official support with formal drivers for PC compatibility till maybe next year. But Chris Gallizzi isn’t a man who can wait for that long, and being the hobbyist hacker he is, he’s made an attempt to get his PC to recognize the Xbox One controller, and it seems like the man’s tasted some success.

So far, his efforts have resulted in his PC recognizing the controller as a HID (Human Interface Device), with the analog stick working in a few titles like Amnesia. However, that’s about it, since the buttons aren’t operational, and neither are the more advanced features, such as force feedback in triggers.

It’s a long way from actually having it work like the Xbox 360 controller has, but it’s definitely something to clap your hands for, both in applause and excitement.

Obviously, we gamers know better than to expect a driver from Gallizzi at this stage, but when (and hopefully) there is more functionality in place, you can probably expect a free driver around the corner.