Forza 5 Drivatar AI Will Not Replicate Cheaters and Trolls

The Drivatar AI is one of the defining features of Turn 10 Studios’ upcoming Forza Motorsport 5. Having the game’s AI learn from human players and then acting as the player himself against other human opponents is surely a remarkable addition to a racing title.

Thanks to this, players in Forza 5 will be racing around the clock. When you sign off, the computer AI takes over and starts racing against other opponents. According to Turn 10 Studios, the transition is spectacular.

The Drivatar AI will handle every situation just like the player himself; taking turns, changing lanes, shifting gears, everything will be an exact mimic of the player.

However, with this comes a fear of players misusing the feature to “break” the game or proving to be a nuisance to other players. According to the game’s creative director though, that aspect has been taken care of and the system will not replicate cheaters or trolls. Moves like purposely slamming into other cars will not be recorded.

Usually what’s happening – and I’ve been finding a lot of people do this – they cut off the AI and then they slam on the brakes, and they get hit, Greenawalt told OXM. And they’re like, ‘oh, that AI hit me!’ And we’re like, ‘it’s got real human reaction times and it’s driving with the real physics, so of course it hit you! You went in front and cut it off!

He also revealed that Drivatars are grouped into seven difficulty tiers and getting into highest tier is going to require an exquisite amount of driving skill.

The thing that’s interesting is that they don’t just drive faster – they drive completely differently. Because fast drivers tend to be cleaner, they cut corners more, they use the car a lot more, they’re much smoother, he said. So, when you change the difficulty the racing fundamentally changes, and all this was trained by real people – it’s not programmed by us.

Forza 5 is a launch title for the Xbox One and will release later this month.