EA Online Service is Down, No Online Play, Matchmaking or Login

Trouble afoot, as Electronic Arts (EA) just announced that its servers are currently experiencing issues. In a statement on its help site, EA mentions:

Our systems that handle online gameplay, matchmaking, and login are offline for all of our titles. This means that you may unable to play online or may get dropped from multiplayer matches, and will not be able to login to EA sites.

In short, you won’t be able to play online or participate in any game activities that require a connection to EA’s servers. If you’re a multiplayer type of person, this may be a problem for you.

Games like its annual FIFA series run on a constant online community. Several of its singleplayer game modes, like Ultimate Team, still do require an online connection, so it can access user content.

Perhaps even more poignant, Battlefield 4’s recent release will have most people playing its online game modes. Who plays Battlefield for the campaign?

If you take into account that Origin is an online service and won’t allow you to log in, this could be troublesome for a lot of people at once.

In recent years, EA has been vocal on phasing out its singleplayer-only experience in its titles. It has since moved to integrate online capabilities in all its new titles, at least partially. This is one big example why that would not always be a good thing.

Naturally, EA states it is working on resolving the issue “as quickly as possible.” Remember to stay calm and maybe go play something else for a bit.

Are you affected by this? Let us know.