COD: Ghosts and BF4 Could Get VR Treatment With Oculus Rift

Indeed, neither Call of Duty: Ghosts nor Battlefield 4 come with an inbuilt support of the virtual reality head mounted display Oculus Rift, but that doesn’t mean the two games cannot get the functionality. A post on IncGamers suggests that vorpX will soon bring support for the feature in both the games.

VorpX driver adds Oculus Rift support to existing games and has already listed support for a long list of games that could be played on Oculus Rift using the driver. Other titles that they have listed as vorpX compatible include BioShock Infinite, Fallout 3, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and many others.

Previously, EA has shown interest in the virtual reality functionality for Battlefield 4 as well as Dragon Age 3 they are actually trying to make Frostbite 3 work for it. Head of the Frostbite creative team at DICE Frank Vitz had said:

“I am really eager to see how the Oculus Rift works with Frostbite,” and had continued “there are multiple titles in the works that would be awesome with the Rift.”

Though the game has now been released without the support, if we keep in mind how interested they are in the technology, even they could come up with a version soon. Nevertheless, even if they don’t, lets just hope that RoadtoVR’s statement bears fruit and we get to see a vorpX support for both the games.

Call of Duty: Ghosts released worldwide on current generation on November 5 and will come out on the next generation as launch titles where as Battlefield 4 was released to current generation on October 29 and gets the next gen version upon the console launch too.

A consumer version of Oculus Rift is currently under development but an official launch date has not been shared so far.

Source: RoadtoVR via IncGamers