Xbox One’s Snap Feature Demonstrated in New Video

Here’s another video demonstrating how efficient multitasking is on the Xbox One using the console’s ‘Snap’ feature.

The demonstration is being carried out by chief marketing officer Yusuf Mehdi, who is shown playing one of the console’s launch titles, Forza Motorsport 5. Mid-game he issues voice commands to the Xbox One to pause the game and then quickly snap various aspects of the console like his friends list and a live TV widget to the side. Once content, Mehdi then resumes the game with the snapped multimedia widgets working flawlessly at the same time.

The snap feature was first shown during the console’s reveal event earlier this year. In one of the examples displayed; users can easily receive Skype video calls during a game by snapping it to the side and then proceed to do both activities simultaneously. In the demonstration the video call worked flawlessly without any lag or delay. Xbox One’s dashboard and features have repeatedly been said to work smoothly.

The Xbox One officially launches in North America on November 22 for the price of $499.