Xbox One Will Keep Microsoft ‘Ahead of Google and Apple in the Living Room’

According to an analyst working at Robert W. Baird named Colin Sebastian, the multimedia capabilities of the Xbox One will manage to keep the company ahead of ventures like Apple TV and Google TV and entrench it firmly in the living room as the entertainment center of choice.

He cited the platform’s suite of entertainment apps, ability to access Web content, and options for traditional media like music, movies, and TV as the reason why he believes the Xbox One will be a more compelling product.

This opinion seems to come following his attendance at an Xbox One preview event recently:

Overall, we were impressed with the platform and believe that Microsoft has largely achieved its goal of creating a compelling living room entertainment hub. Games we saw show improvements in graphics and performance over current generation, and multi-media capabilities that keep Microsoft ahead of Google and Apple (for now) in the living room with the integration of console quality gaming, web content, and traditional media.

The Xbox One also features integrated cable TV support, allowing subscribers to view content and use Kinect to search programming. The console launches next Friday, November 22, for $500.

Source: Gamespot