Twitch App 2.0 for Android Now Features Chat

Those using Twitch on their Android phones can now update their app to “the long awaited” version 2.0, which finally brings the full chat experience to your mobile device.

Video streams showcased on Twitch have always had a chat stream running on the sides; which personally I’ve found useless since all anyone ever posts in there is spam. In any case, the chat feature was previously missing from the Twitch app but now is included with the new update.

Note that you’ll be unable to download the latest version if you don’t own an Android 4.0 or later. That’s the only requirement for this update. According to the Twitch team, this step was necessary because “the Twitch experience on these older devices was not good and supporting them was holding back development of the app.”

The Twitch App 2.0 for Android is now available from the Google Play store.