Sony Reassures Consumers Will Be Able To Sell or Share PS4 Games

Following the release of the European PS4 terms of service, there were a bunch of concerns regarding the clauses referring to the reselling and sharing of games.

Sony has just come out and announced that PS4 owners will be able to share and re-sell their physical games as they see fit.

You can read our article covering the exact lines in the ToS that seemed a bit dodgy here. In short, it seemed as if you needed express authorization from Sony to resell or rent your purchased games.

This appears to not be true, at least for physical copies of the game. According to a Sony representative speaking to Eurogamer:

As SCE [Sony Computer Entertainment] announced at E3, consumers will be able to sell or share their PS4 disc products

If that’s not enough for you, Sony’s big boss Shuhei Yoshida has also come out on Twitter to say the following:

If you are concerned about our new European TOS, we confirm that you are able to sell or share your disc PS4 products, including in EU.

I hope this clears the clouds around the terms of service update.