SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow Expansion is Out Today

As promised, Maxis has released the futuristic expansion pack for SimCity that they announced couple of months ago. SimCity Cities of Tomorrow is now available for digital download in North America.

Everyone wonders how the future will look like, here is your chance to test that for yourself. Create either a utopian city, The Academy which takes its roots in clean technology but a demanding workforce or build an industrial empire named OmegaCo where profits are high but factories and natural resource crisis make you take tough decisions.

“But what will cities look like 50 years from now? Better yet – how will they be constructed? Do you want to build a beautiful, clean technology-driven city that relies on the knowledge of the all-knowing Academy?

Or maybe a city consumed by the gluttony and consumerism of the OmegaCo? Or maybe a little of both?” reads the official website. “How you decide to transform your tomorrow is all up to you.”

Patrick Buechner, the general manager of Maxis Emeryville defines Cities of Tomorrow as “MegaTowers, futurization, and the battle between Green and Greed,” in short, the future of your city will be how you imagine it.

For those with an exploitive mind, a new Disaster feature will let you use your populace’s troubles to your own benefit too – but let’s stick to the decent ways of running cities, shall we?

Well, what are you waiting for? Head straight to the official EA website for SimCity and get your copy of Cities of Tomorrow Expansion Pack now.