PS4’s Voice Commands are Limited Compared to Xbox One

The new Kinect is more than just an accompanying device for the Xbox One. The entire console is integrated right into the Kinect device and hence allows consumers to control almost every aspect of the console with their voice and gestures.

The PlayStation 4 features support for voice commands as well. A recent report by Engadget though states that the voice commands compared to the Xbox One are pretty limited. What Sony’s console can pick up through the camera/mic peripherals are only “a handful of relatively basic voice commands”.

From a more surprising angle, you can issue a voice command to shut down the PlayStation 4 but not to wake it up when its in standby mode. You also cannot command a Netflix video to pause while playing but can command the console to open games. Furthermore, the PlayStation 4 will have no voice commands for any third-party app on the console and Sony “hopes” that more apps will bring in the support in the days to come.

More functionality can always be added in over time but currently Sony doesn’t seem that interested in matching Microsoft and their excellent Kinect features.

For now the PlayStation 4 camera peripheral has to be purchased for an additional $60 but down the line may be added in the retail box.

The PS4 launches on November 15 for $399, while the Xbox One hits retail on November 22 for $499.