PlayStation 4 Social Features Explained, Get Socialized

Three days to go folks and the PlayStation 4 will be in your hands. With so much being said about nearly everything, one of the most prominent functions among both the next generation consoles is going to be social integration. Sony has explained what to expect from the PlayStation 4 social features.

To start off, you will be able to use your real names, if you want to. With that in place, you boot your PlayStation 4 and the first page that will be shown to you is the “What’s New” feed.

It is pretty similar to what Facebook does for you just that feed will be gaming oriented. PlayStation 3 also had a similar feature but in this case it will also feature your recent activities along with your friends’.

A “Players Met” tab will record all the players you meet up with while playing online. And in the same social area you can check what trophies your friends have won, what friends they have and so on.

Friends will have the option to send an invitation to someone asking them to show their real name. If you get one of these invites, it will be up to you whether you want to accept or decline, meaning you share your real information with only the ones you want to.

Some of the features that Sony boasts about apart from those above are Vita to PS4 cross-chat, improved messaging and easier friend finding.

Now we do know that both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are being presented as “social consoles,” but which one do you consider as best?