Limited Edition White Xbox One is Being Auctioned Off, Want One?

November 22 will get you as many Xbox Ones as you want, but those are all in black and the standard editions. Now I am not saying getting the next generation console from Microsoft isn’t awesome on its own, but how about a “super rare, limited edition White Xbox One?”

Yep, that hit where I wanted it to. So here goes, Lary Hyrb famously known as Major Nelson was able to snatch one of those pasty babes from Microsoft and put it up on auction at eBay. The title reads “Microsoft White Xbox One Employee Gift ONLY ONE FOR U.S. GENERAL PUBLIC BID.”

This is not the first time that a white Xbox One has been auctioned, Microsoft employees have been doing so previously as well. Marc Whitten put up a console on auction last month and it was sold for $3,301 on October 30.

Though you might have been late for that one, Major Nelson’s piece is on auction right now and you have about six more days to place a bid. Apparently it has a lot of gropers because the current bid is already flying high at $11,300. Go ahead if you are a high roller from US.

All the earnings from the auction will be given away to a charity named Wounded Warrior Project. Here is what Major Nelson’s blog reads:

“In honor of Veteran’s Day here in the US I was able to snag one of the super limited edition white Xbox One Consoles and will be auctioning it off to support the Wounded Warrior Project,” reads the post, “This is the same limited edition console that will be given to Microsoft IEB employees and isn’t for sale anywhere else.”

The successful bidder will get five first party games from Microsoft namely Forza Motorsport 5, Ryse: Son of Rome, Dead Rising 3, Killer Instinct and Crimson Dragon. This comes along with one year’s Xbox Live membership and of course a white Xbox One, White Controller and Kinect.

Who wants it?