Xbox One Upload Studio Lets You Merge Multiple Clips

There is a lot to talk about the Xbox One Game DVR, for instance you get 5 minutes of automatic recording that captures important moments; it is limited to 720p 30 frames per second, and using the Game DVR will depend on the game developer’s choice.

Now we know that you can merge two different clips together in the Xbox One Upload Studio. The news comes from the official Twitter account of Mark Whitten who was asked whether it would be possible to merge two Game DVR clips together and the answer obviously was yes.

Xbox One Upload Studio let’s you edit your videos before you upload them. You can edit the footage to add a taunt, special skins before sharing it with your friends.

The ability to merge multiple clips will add a greater level of personalization to your videos, especially when you want to show a combination of more than one important scenes from your gameplay session.

Recording a video is going to be as seamless as it gets, all you will need to do is simply say “Xbox, record that” and the console will do your bidding.

In order to avail the Game DVR features, you will need to have an Xbox Live Gold Subscription.