Warlords of Draenor Zones Preview – What You Need To Know

Warlord of Draenor is the fifth and latest expansion to World of Warcraft and was just shown to people at Blizzcon this past few days. It features a new land called Draenor, which is pretty much the same as Outland, but set many years in the past.

Draenor is the original homeworld of the Orcs and Draenei and was sundered by the Burning Legion many eons ago.

The story goes that the former leader of the Orcs – Garrosh Hellscream – has escaped his prison and has used a portal to travel back in time to a point when the world of Draenor was still at peace. He has gone to Draenor and assembled the Iron Horde, ready to take over.

Veterans who have played since The Burning Crusade will barely recognize the place, aside from some key landmarks.

If you look at an overhead map of both Outland and Draenor you’ll definitely see enough similarities to realize that it’s essentially the same landmass, but less broken. Let’s talk about the Warlords of Draenor Zones:

Shadowmoon Valley
Simply put, Shadowmoon Valley is beautiful. Nothing like the version in the Outlands, this feels like something out of one of Malfurion Stormrage’s wet dreams, full of lush vegetation and shrouded in moonlight.

It also houses Karabor, a Draenei holy temple, which will eventually become the Black Temple that Illidan will eventually use as his base of operations.

You’ll also find Ner’zhul and the Shadowmoon orc clan here, who will eventually fall to the dark side.

Nagrand is the place that WoW veterans will recognize readily. This place has been changed the least, so it looks more or less the same as it does in outland with the exception of the floating landmasses. It’s also home to the Warsong clan, led by Grommash Hellscream. We might be looking at a family reunion here.

Located to the northern side of Draenor, Gorgrond is pretty much the equivalent of the Blade’s Edge Mountains that you’ll remember from Outland. The majority is desert, and is populated by the Blackrock clan, who are the quintessential Blacksmiths of the orcs, being led by Blackhand. They’re busy at work trying to use the steam vents found here to create weapons for the Iron Horde.

Spires of Arak
These spires are home to the Arakkoa, whom players might recognize. However, these creatures have not been twisted by the sundering of Outland yet, and it still remains to be seen what we can expect from an intelligent race of bird men. You’ll also find the Shattered Hand clan here.

Eventually becoming Terrokar Forest, this region is nothing like before. Witness the Draenei civilization at its peak, before it was reduced to a shadow. Shattrath is a teeming port city next to the sea in Draenor and you can also find Auchindoun, which is a holy temple here that all Draenei hope to go to when they die.

Tanaan Peninsula
Tanaan Peninsula is a lush and monstrous jungle here, and you can find the Bleeding Hallow Clan of orcs being led by Kilrogg Deadeye. Eventually though, this paradise will become the desolate Hellfire Peninsula that we’re all familiar with.

Frostfire Ridge
Frostfire Ridge is home to the massive Ogre Empire that once was the greatest on Draenor, but is now on the decline. You’ll also find Thrall’s father here, leading the Frostwolf clan in war against the Thunderlord clan, who seek to ally with the Iron Horde.