Warlords of Draenor Items and How Inventory System Works

Warlords of Draenor is the fifth expansion that Blizzard has released for the World of Warcraft MMO and in this update, they’re trying to make improvements to the Inventory system in the game. Here we’re going to look into these changes.

Collections will be changing in a significant way with the coming of the world of Draenor. For the uninitiated, collections are the system that is currently in place for managing and organizing pets and mounts currently in the game.

With Warlords of Draenor, there will be at least two collections added that we know of, and they are called Heirlooms and Toys. Blizzard has also hinted at the possibility of Tabards as well. The new system is account-wide for all items, including Heirlooms.

Furthermore, you can mark items and favorites and there are new features such as ‘summon random favorite mount’ and ‘use random favorite toys’. You can even search and filter out your collections by using key words.

As for the bag system, well it’s no secret that inventory management is a pretty huge hassle in all MMORPGs, and Blizzard’s usual approach of throwing more bags at the problem seems to not have worked out.

As such, here are the new features:

For one, you can now customize your bags to have specific preferences when it comes to items. This mean that if you pick up an item of a particular type, it will attempt to fit itself into that bag if there is any space available.

Furthermore, there’s a little gold coin in the top left corner of the item icon which signifies that the item is junk and can be sold safely. New items that have just been added will be highlighted in white, and all items have colored borders based on quality.

The next biggest change is that you can now directly craft items with the materials in your bank.

With this, you’ll no longer need to make any trips to and from the bank for a crafting session. Lastly, Quest Items will not be found in your bags.

Instead, you’ll find them in the quest management system, from where you can use them.