PlayStation 4 Official Unboxing Video Seems More Odd than Impressive

Don’t take me wrong on this, I am not saying that Sony didn’t try to do something out of the box with the PlayStation 4 official unboxing video; but the thing is, it was a wee bit more over the edge hilarity than impressive video editing skills.

From the weird looking, light flashing machines to the eerie sci-fi themed back ground music, from the gloved mystery man to the delicate machinery he is opening up; everything was a little strange.

Just that the delicate machinery he was unboxing is Sony’s next generation console PlayStation 4 and the gloved mystery man is none other than the President of Sony’s Worldwide Studios, Shuehei Yoshida.

The video shows the PlayStation 4 box perched atop a table in a futuristic computer lab that glows blue all over. Cut scenes take you back and forth between the lab and weird looking symbols floating in emptiness – those are actually are the DualShock 4 key symbols.

One good thing that the video shows is the contents; the PlayStation 4 comes with a Network Voucher, a Quick Start Guide, Dual Shock 4, an HDMI Cable that Yoshida unwraps with a boisterous jerk, AC power cord, mono headset, USB cable, and the PlayStation 4 itself.

After lifting the PlayStation 4 to refract the blue spotlight on it, Shuhei Yoshida closes this dramatization of an unboxing with their slogan “Greatness Awaits.”

Much like Sony’s typical marketing activities; the video is a little strange. Some have even related it to Daft Punk citing the unboxing as a parody.

PlayStation 4 launches four days from now on Friday, November 15.