Korea Finds League of Legends Guilty of Addicting Teens to Gaming

Korea is renowned for its dedicated hardcore gaming community. Sadly in recent times this dedication has proven to be far deadlier than anyone would believe it to be and has resulted in many a teens relinquishing their lives following gaming marathons. Korea is now prepared to look at it as an addiction and is planning on taking action in order to safeguard its youth.

A recent series of posts being made on various sub-Reddits and forums indicate that the Korean government is about to pass a legislation that will treat video games as an addiction; one which is in the same basket as that of drugs, alcohols and cigarettes. If this legislation is passed then every video game in the country is going to be treated just like other addictive materials.

Additionally this will also enable the government to ask for taxes from game companies for medical treatment purposes. Currently that amount is said to be 6 percent of total sales for most games but for bigger game companies, this figure is going higher.

Riot Games has done well in promoting their League of Legends title in Korea. The game managed to achieve what many deemed impossible; dethroning StarCraft as the most played game in the country. Hence it’s of no surprise that the game came into Korea’s crossfire.

A recent inspection of government offices in light of video games addiction by the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family found League of Legends guilty of exposing young gamers to ‘inappropriate content’.

Many fan-made drawings showcasing the game’s female characters in little clothing was highlighted. Korea now wants Riot Games to claim responsibility for the addiction to teenagers.

The said ministry is already responsible for introducing the law called Shutdown, which prohibits teenagers from playing games during 12:00 am – 6:00 am. Additionally most MMO titles have specific ‘timers’ that detail how many hours a player can play in a day.

While the ministry has clearly stated its stance over the matter; many others believe that it’s just a way to get money out of Riot Games. The government’s specific usage of the word “donation” to cater for those addicted by League of Legends is not sitting well with the community.

They believe that it has little to do with health and more to do with recent financial problems. No one knows just how much Korea is demanding from the developer but the figure is said to be pretty massive.

A more surprising statement that the ministry passed was that they can’t allow a foreign company to be the top gaming company in their country; for it’s a threat to their culture.

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