Irrational Focused on Quality Rather Than Quantity With BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea Episode 1

Burial at Sea – Episode 1, the first DLC for BioShock Infinite released today and while the reviews are good, players are not too satisfied with the episode’s length.

It took Irrational Games more than seven months to release the first DLC for the game. Those owning a Season Pass were left out to dry in the process and perhaps this is why many were expecting the first episode of Burial at Sea to offer a sizable game length.

As reported, the DLC can be completed in under a couple of hours. Seeing that it costs $15, the length may seem a bit too short. Irrational Games though stated that they simply focused on quality rather than quantity.

Ken Levine, creative director on the game, defended the DLC’s short length, saying that there are many aspects hidden which provide an additional three hours of game time.

“If you zip through it then it’s not a hugely long experience but if you dig deep it’s probably three hours plus, if you really dig deep,” he told Eurogamer. “But it’s not the longest thing in the world.”

“I think there are definitely people who are like ‘Well, I want hours and hours of gamplay’. I think if that is your primary metric, this probably isn’t the thing for you. If you want to feel like ‘Wow, I just got a whole new experience’ – that’s what you get out of this,” he added.

Minerva’s Den was an amazing DLC that was released for BioShock 2. Unsatisfied players took that as a comparison with Burial at Sea and requested Irrational Games to do something similar with Episode 2. Levine though explained that the process of building a new location with BioShock Infinite’s engine is different than using the assets to create a story.

“We had a choice. Minerva’s Den is terrific – I love it and it is effectively what we call a ‘kitbash’ of BioShock 2. They take existing assets and modify them to make a new story. They did an amazing job with that. But we wanted to do something completely different. If you look at it, [Burial at Sea] is really the first level and a half of a new game – or maybe not a new game, but of a sequel. And we knew that meant it wouldn’t be the longest gameplay experience.

“[From early on] we knew we wanted to do something with Booker and Elizabeth and we had a sense that Rapture could be the thing. And probably foolishly we thought we’d go back in and ‘kitbash’ a load of BioShock 1 assets. Then we thought no, god, that’s a terrible idea, that’s not fair and it’s not going to look good,” he added.