Call of Duty: Ghosts May Have Re-used a Modern Warfare 3 Map

Take a look at the video posted above, at first you may not see much similarity, but there seems to be a strong case for the argument that CoD: Ghosts may have reused a map from Modern Warfare 3.

I probably would have never caught it for myself but the maps Strike Zone and Dome bear remarkably identical overall design. You wouldn’t know to look at it from the assets themselves, but take a moment to look at the map. Look at the paths and the intersections, where obstacles and pieces of cover are placed.

Do this and you’ll notice some of what I mean. The dome itself has been replaced by some buildings and there’s a tank in place of the obstacles/cover in the middle of the road on the left side.

This isn’t really the first time it’s been done though. I remember that they recycled some of the Call of Duty 4 maps into Black Ops. Still, does this affect your decision to purchase the game or not? Let us know in the comments below.