Analyst: Meeting PS4 Sales Target Vital for Sony’s Financial Restoration

It’s no big news that Sony’s entertainment division has suffered much loses in recent years. With the launch of their new PlayStation 4 console just around the corner, the company’s higher ups would definitely want to see it hit the ringer.

Things so far have been looking really smooth for Sony, thanks to a few slip ups by Microsoft and the Internet for reminding them to everyone day after day. According to Damian Thong though, who is an industry analyst from the Tokyo branch of Macquarie Group, Sony still has a long way to go before they can take a breather.

Sony is eying at an initial sales target of five million PlayStation 4 units by March 31, 2014. Thong states that it’s vital for the company to achieve that figure, else it’ll reflect very badly for the company’s President and CEO Kaz Hirai. Failing to meet the estimated quota will hence prove to be a critical miss for Sony’s financial restoration.

“Sales of the PS4 will be seen as an indication of the ability of Kaz Hirai as President,” Thong told Bloomberg Japan. “If the PS4 sells below expectations, skepticism will strengthen on whether Sony can really restore (it’s finances) or not.”

Sony recently revealed that they have crossed 1.5 million pre-orders for the PlayStation 4. Come this Christmas’ shopping spree, it’s safe to say that Sony will easily reach the 2 million mark. With the console releasing in Japan next year in February, moving 5 million units by March is a hard yet achievable target.