PlayStation 4 Protection Plan Detailed by Sony

After months of wait when you finally get a PlayStation 4 for yourself, you would not want to experience something to go wrong with your dear next generation console. So here’s Sony offering you the usual Protection Plan that comes with all the other products too.

Pay some extra moolah for a doubled warranty period on your PlayStation 4 and you will not have to worry about breaking the game accidentally after the usual warranty period expires.

Usually PlayStation 4 (and PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita too) ship with a 12 months limited manufacturer’s warranty, the Protection Plan increases the period covered under the warranty to 24 months.

PlayStation’s official website has detailed the pricing of PlayStation 4 Protection Plan with and without the Accidental Damage. Here’s the breakdown for all three products:

PlayStation 4
Protection Plan – $49.99, Protection Plan with Accidental Damage – $59.99

PlayStation 3
Protection Plan $39.99, Protection Plan with Accidental Damage – $49.99

PlayStation Vita
Protection Plan $39.99, Protection Plan with Accidental Damage – $69.99

The Accidental Damage Plan “supplements the original warranty with coverage that addresses the incidents that can happen, such as a cracked screen that results from accidental dropping. This type of damage is not covered in the original manufacturer’s warranty, but it is now available from PlayStation as an added benefit.”

  • What you will get under the Protection Plan is:
  • Dedicated PlayStation Support specialists.
  • Claim processing available 7 days a week
  • No out-of-pocket expenses for qualified claims
  • Pre-paid shipping box
  • PlayStation certified technicians & genuine PlayStation parts

Are you buying?