Killer Instinct Arcade Edition not Coming Until End of Season One

Although Killer Instinct will release exclusively on Xbox One with complete offline and online multiplayer modes, the Arcade Mode of the reboot will have to wait until all the Season One content has been released.

Microsoft Studios game designer Daniel Fornace was talking to OXM in an interview when he shared the news:

“Our Arcade mode is going to come out when we’ve done the eight characters (end of Season One), So once the last character comes out then we’ll have Arcade.”

Killer Instinct Arcade Mode will plant you against the AI components of the game in one on one matches. The end of Season One means when all the eight playable characters of the game have been released.

The game will initially launch as a free-to-play on November 22 with six of the playable characters. The two last characters will be unlocked in the months to follow. Orchid has been confirmed as the sixth character in the game and two more will follow, one of whom could probably be Fulgore.

Following their pay to play model even now, Microsoft will only allow Jago to be a free-to-play character while all the other characters will have to be bought for $4.99 each.

In case you don’t want to spend separately on each of the characters, a Season Pass costing $19.99 will let you access all of them together.

Are you looking forward to this?