FIFA 14 Mobile Reaches More than 26 Million Downloads

Indeed when the world’s most popular game gets a free-to-play mobile version, it is bound to be a success, but FIFA 14 Android and iOS version has certainly overblown the expectations in that matter.

EA Sports has announced that the game has attained more than 26 million downloads on both the platforms combined.

The latest iteration in the FIFA series was released worldwide in 148 countries on September 23 this year. In a little over one and a half months period it has become EA’s second most successful mobile game project – falling behind Plants vs. Zombies.

Out of the 148 countries that the game was released to, it was among the Top 10 Grossing Games in 115 countries due to the extensive in game purchases made by fans. Of course, it was the number one free-to-play game across all the 148 countries too.

In lieu of celebrations, a press release by EA Sports has also announced that they will be releasing the game to a third platform. This time around the Windows Phone 8 users will be able to get their hands on the game.

FIFA 14 mobile version comes with features like Touch Flow that literally means you control the players by touching and dragging them to the positions where you want them to be. Tapping results in a pass while swiping renders shoot.

The game was released with “34 stadiums, over 600 teams, from over 30 leagues” which means thousands of real life players to choose from. Can’t wait to see how the Windows Phone version treads upon release.

A release date has not been shared so far but I guess it won’t be too far down the line. Until then, if you haven’t downloaded FIFA 14 on your iOS or Android phones, try it now.