Blizzcon: Two New Trailers and Dev Diary for Heroes of the Storm

Looks like everyone wants a piece of the MOBA pie, and Blizzard seems to have been salivating over this particular pie for quite some time. They’ve just released two new trailers for the upcoming MOBA; Heroes of the Storm.

I really do have to say, the cinematic trailer is absolutely beastly. Of course we all know that Blizzard has a history of releasing amazing CGI (the ‘Wrath of the Lich King’ Cinematic is amongst one of my personal favorites) but I really suggest you watch it, unless you for some reason don’t want to see Sara Kerrigan and Arthas fighting together against Tyrael and Jim Raynor.

The second trailer is more gameplay oriented. We get so see some familiar faces such as Illidan and Diablo himself as they go about their business, destroying structures and killing each other.

There’s also a new Developers Diary out that explain some of the thought process behind the development of the game. It’s really interesting and I suggest you check it out.

It shows that the concept of the game just started as a little demonstration of their flexible map editor and when they realized how much people enjoyed it, they decided to flesh it out a bit more.

Beta signups for Heroes of the Storm are up right now, you can head over to your account page on and simply opt-in for the beta.

Trailer #1

Trailer #2