World of Tanks Open Beta Started on Xbox Live

Developer is throwing out World of Tanks Open Beta for all the Xbox Live members. The game was initially released to PC back in 2011 but an Xbox 360 version was announced in June this year.

In case you have been wondering how on earth this game got more than 60 million active registrations, here is your chance to find out why. Also, you better hustle because this is going to be the only time that World of Tanks Xbox 360 edition will be up for an open beta.

According to the press release, the beta has started on November 7 and will continue until Sunday 11:59 PST – time is of the essence here, so get to it. You will not need to get registered in order to get your hand on the game; all you need to do is visit the Xbox Live Marketplace and download the World of Tanks beta client.

For someone like me, the beta itself would have been reason enough to try it out, but is offering takeaways for everyone who participates too. Everyone who manages to enter the beta will be given a premium USA T14 tier III heavy tank upon the release of the game.

For the ones with good hands, if you manage to play five battles on Saturday (tomorrow) you will be awarded with a USA Ram II tier V medium tank too. Lastly, starting from Saturday 2pm to Monday 2am all the game XPs will be doubled – folks have a lot to give away!