Watch Media on Xbox One to Unlock Achievements

There is going to be more than one way to earn achievements on the Xbox One. Microsoft today revealed that users can earn various achievements on their new next-generation console just by watching video content through an array of entertainment services.

These will also include time-based challenges, as indicated by the image above, which has users watching content on Amazon Instant Video. Microsoft gave an example of how there will be challenges of watching 10 titles before the end of 2013. The image also suggests that there will be achievements for Xbox Video as well. In addition, Xbox One users can also watch live TV through the console to earn achievements.

Achievements earned by watching media on the Xbox One was announced by Microsoft back in summers following their E3 reveal. Back then the company noted that such achievements will not yield any gamerscore and that to earn gamerscore users will have to unlock achievements by playing games.

The Xbox One launches on November 22, 2013 in North America at the price of $499.