Ultra Street Fighter IV: Signature Moves of New Characters Outlined

A new post on the Capcom Unity blog by Tomoaki Ayano, producer of Ultra Street Fighter IV, outlines the strategies and signatures moves for the four new characters featured in the game.

Rolento is a pretty formidable fighter who can take control of both the ground and air game. His special move called “Stringer” can effectively stop opponent’s movements and can be a game changer when used right. The move has quite a bit of recovery time so “be mindful of your spacing when you use it.”

Hugo takes advantage of his power with his move called “Giant Palm Breaker”. It can end up pushing opponents into a corner but at the same time is also susceptible to Focus attacks. Ayano advises that it’s best to mix it up with his other moves so that players can abuse it more easily.

Poison uses a projectile called “Aeolus Edge” which can be fired on both the ground and in the air. It’s Poison’s special ability to keep opponents in corners and pressure them into providing an opening. Of the four new characters, Ayano personally believes Poison to be the easiest to play with.

Elena can close distances with her ability called “Rhino Horn”. She excels in close-combat on the ground and the ability helps her close in to her opponents. However, players should note that it has a considerable recovery time so its advised that the ability be used at max range instead of up close.

Ultra Street Fighter IV is an upgraded version of the current Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition. The game will release in Q1 of 2014 and will feature all previously released costumes, new stages and balance tweaks. It will release on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Windows PC “around the same time.”

Source: Capcom Unity Blog