Total War: Rome 2 Confirmed for SteamOS

Undoubtedly, the PC release of Total War: Rome 2 was reeked of bugs but Creative Assembly is all hands in for regaining the vote of the gaming community.

So far they have been doing fine by releasing extensive DLCs, patches and updates but right now, they have announced to release the game to SteamOS too – way to go!

The revelation came out through a post on the Steam Community website today where along with the SteamOS version of the game, it was announced that they will be introducing Steam Controller support as well.

“At Creative Assembly we want our customers to be able to play on as many platforms and in as many locations as possible, so today we are announcing future support for both SteamOS and the Steam Controller,” reads the post.

It seems the decision came out after folks at Creative Assembly had been invited to test the Steam Controller right after it was unveiled as they said “Last month, when Valve invited us to test out the new Steam Controller and unveiled their plans for SteamOS – we were impressed.”

“We believe it will provide us with the control fidelity and platform we need to make a living room experience for ROME II that could be a more compelling experience than playing with keyboard and mouse.” Well, that is saying something now isn’t it?

The developer is really eager to get the SteamOS version up and ready, and is boasting of churning it out as soon as they get the Dev Kit; the Linux version is also scheduled to launch early next year.

Right now Total War: Rome 2 is offering a 25 percent discount on Steam lasting until the weekend; you better get your copy in time.

Source: Steam Community