Pre-order Incentive Detailed for PS4 Version of Warframe

PS4 Version of Warframe is going to be released on November 15, and it is going to come with additional benefits for those who pre-order the game. The Ultimate Fan Pack will accompany all the copies of the game that have been pre-ordered, says PlayStation Blog.

In a post from yesterday, the blog detailed the bonus pack contents in question. The exclusive pack will add a special PlayStation Braton Rifle weapon skin to your consoles, bring you 50 Platinum and 20,000 Credits meaning that you can take lead on your friends in terms of weaponry and everything else that you can purchase from the market with the credit.

Of greater importance is the fact that since the game is a free to play title, the preordering will naturally cost you nothing and to top that up, the Ultimate Fan Pack is also “absolutely free.”

Clearly it is just an incentive that Sony is giving to the PlayStation users in order to ensure more players for the game when it launches on PS4. If you want to have the bonus pack on the launch day, you will either have to pre-order the game on Sony Entertainment Network, the web or the PlayStation Store on PS3 before November 12.

Digital Extremes has also added new weapons, Warframes, game modes, and planets to the PS4 version.

The post ends with a quirky hint towards “a few surprises lined up as launch draws closer and days turn to hours.”

How interested are you in the PlayStation 4 version of Warframe?