Play Xbox One at Nearest Microsoft Store Ahead of Launch

Microsoft has announced that consumers can try out the Xbox One for themselves at their closest Microsoft Store ahead of its launch later this month.

According to the announcement, more than 75 official Microsoft outlets will be participating in the program across United States and Canada. This will lead up to until the launch of the Xbox One on November 22, 2013. So shoppers have two weeks to take the opportunity and try out the console for themselves.

Forza Motorsport 5 will be the only titled to be featured for the demonstrations. As an incentive, those who do try out the Xbox One at any of Microsoft’s stores will be entered into a Forza 5 living room sweepstakes. The winner will receive a copy of the game, a Forza-branded playseat, Polk Audio N1 Gaming SurroundBar, Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel, and a $2,000 gift card.

As of last month there have been many rumors and claims of the Xbox One suffering from heating issues. This new announcement from Microsoft will help in dispelling any such rumors.

A list of Microsoft Stores is available at the company’s website. The Xbox One will launch on November 22 for a price of $499.