Need for Speed Rivals Gets Xbox One Gameplay Trailer

Some new footage from Need for Speed Rivals has been uploaded to their Youtube channel, which shows off the game on Xbox One.  This is a good way to see whether or not this multiplatform title functions equally on both choices.

The clip revolves around a Hot Pursuit game mode, which is a multiplayer battle between players. They need to finish a race on the top spot, whilst simultaneously being chased by the police.

Cars can be seen careening through the desert environments at high speeds, with police cars in their midst, trying to ram them off their route. At the side of the screen, a check list notes certain objectives that need to be done in numbers, such as ramming cops or stunning them with mine deployments.

To perform special actions, players possess some additional powers. For instance, a car can deploy a shockwave around it that destabilizes people in its path. Gameplay also goes over a radar jammer that is deployed and creates static on the mini-map depicting the road.

Other specialties include a speed boost that is periodically used and a score multiplier that counts actions for points. While racing, it’s even possible to check out your opponents’ health in bars floating above their vehicle.

While the footage seems to be fluid enough, we do hope that EA didn’t implement the interface that’s shown in the video. We’re hoping its odd shakiness is due to someone accidentally pressing the stabilizer function on Youtube, which detects and rectifies changes in screen stability. It would be hard to imagine a game working efficiently with your information thrown around like that.

Need for Speed Rivals was recently also announced as a Playstation 4 title. It’s also still headed to PS3, Xbox 360 and PC on November 21, 2013. You won’t need to make a switch to new consoles right away, if you don’t want to, unless you like what you see here.