Microsoft Confirms Your Xbox One Is Useless Without Day One Update

A recent interview on Engadget revealed that Xbox One will basically be a brick without the day one patch installed. In talks with Microsoft senior director of product management Albert Penello, the site discussed what the next generation console could do out of the box.

“Functionally, you will be able to do very little without taking the day one update,” stated Penello. When pressed what exactly still could be done without additional efforts, he replied: “Nothing. You need the Day One update.”

“A lot of the apps come with the day one update because they wouldn’t have even been done,” Penello added. “You’re gonna need to take this update. It’s not gonna be really an optional thing.”

This shouldn’t come to a surprise to people following the Xbox One debacle since its reveal. When first brought to the public, the device required an internet connection at all times.

Microsoft even fired creative director Adam Orth for telling people to “deal with it,” despite being completely right, in retrospective.

Since the machine was built from the ground up to work with a permanent internet connection, even for disc-based games, it would be odd to expect the hardware to be completely changed on such short notice. Instead, the day one update just ensures a bypass to how this works with some additional software; something that can be done with a lot more ease.

Rewiring the Xbox One as a machine itself would probably require a lot more time. You still want the next generation console to launch this month, right? Then, hopefully, this one-time connection that was announced upon reformation in June will not upset you too much.

There is the dreaded fear of having compounded services when everyone is going to try and connect to the Microsoft servers at the same time. Just remember to breathe and play another console while that’s going on.

Your Xbox One will still be there, waiting.