BioWare Teases Next Mass Effect With Concept Art Images

November 7 is better known to the Mass Effect fans as the N7 day – after the Special Forces unit in the game – and it is this day that BioWare chose to tease what the community might see next.

Following their tradition of teasers, developer shared images from the N7 day that tease the next game in the Mass Effect series.

Five images were published over Twitter by multiple BioWare employees including series producer Michael Gamble to BioWare Montreal studio director Yanick Roy to executive producer Casey Hudson. All the images show the staff members working on the concept art of the next Mass Effect title.

Now that is one creative way of teasing the next mega project.

Among the images you can see a new enemy type, a new character being designed and the game itself being played on the screens of the twitter users. The tweets came with texts like “the next chapter of Mass Effect is upon us!” or “new enemies to encounter”, “new worlds to explore” and so on.

This is not all that they had planned; BioWare has been teasing the same thing through the end of November 7.

However it may be received by the fans, this is the first solid look at the next Mass Effect game and of course the official revelation of plans for the game in development.

Check them out yourself and let us know what you make of them.