2D Fighter Legend of Raven Confirmed for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

Originally announced as a PlayStation Vita title, Circle Edge’s one on one fighting game Legend of Raven has now been announced as a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One title.

Circle Edge, the former developing house behind SNK and King of Fighters, has previously named the game Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm through the initial announcement in August. The press released confirmed that the game will be releasing to the next generation consoles in addition to the PS Vita version.

Online play will be supported in the game thanks to GGPO (Good Games Peace Out) fighting game networking software which quite a handful of fighting games have benefited from in the past. The step is being taken to ensure diminished time lag in the online mode.

“The year was December 25th, 1926. Japan was on the verge of welcoming a new era…the era of ‘Koubun’. Instead a revolution broke out, led by those who hoped to revive the Land of the Gods, Japan, and return her to its former glory,” reads the prologue accompanying the press release.

As far as the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita versions are concerned, the game will feature a cross platform play which “allows up to 2 players to face off against each other in a real-time match whether they’re on the PS4 or the PS Vita” as well as cross platform buying. Other than this, new soundtracks, local wireless play and overhauled parallax scrolling effects will be added to the game.

A vague release bracket reveals that the game will be out into the markets by the last quarter of 2013, I am assuming that means December.

How interested will you be in the Legend of Raven when it releases?