WWE 2K14 First DLC Pack Coming on November 12

A couple of weeks ago, 2K Games had detailed the downloadable content packs that their latest wrestling frenzy will accompany. The release date for the WWE 2K14 First DLC Pack has been revealed by the developer today.

The nWo Pack that is going to introduce the new world order themed superstars into the game will be available for download from November 12, JustPushStart has reported.

Superstars included in the pack are the nWo versions of Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, “Macho Man” Randy Savage, Syxx, Curt Hennig, Scott Steiner and The Giant.

As announced previously, the DLC will cost you £6.99 if you want to get it separately but it could save you a lot of money if you purchase the Season Pass that costs £15.99 and includes all the announced expansion packs for WWE 2K14.

Other DLCs that are scheduled to release in the near future include the Accelerator Pack that brings in game items and customization, the WWE Superstars and Moves Packs that will let you add 30 new moves and taunts along with Superstars Fandango and Big E Langston, Divas Brie Bella, Nikki Bella and Summer Rae.

WWE Legends and Creations Packs will add 15 new superstars parts to the game as well as certain WWE Hall of Famers.

Are you buying?