Relish the First 25 Minutes of Dead Rising 3

Dead Rising 3, the upcoming survival horror by Capcom Vancouver is slated for a release alongside Microsoft’s next generation console Xbox One on November 22.

One of the most talked about zombie apocalypse based game of the season, it was just right to receive in-game video footage for the game now. IGN has posted first 25 Minutes of Dead Rising 3 that features a handful of outdoor footage in the day time as well as night.

Josh Bridge the executive producer of the game starts off the video by narrating our way through the menu screen which in itself looks classically shady and exactly how I expected it to be in the game.

The game will kick off in Los Perdidos, California where the first zombie infection is reported, the outbreak shoots up to 500 infected humans within the next six hours. Well, that tells a lot about the expanse of the game.

It is when the citizens have evacuated and air strikes begin at 48 hours post the outbreak that the game story starts to shape and at 72 hours into the infection, you take over.

There’s one thing we can tell you before you go in to watch the video yourself, there’s going to be zombies! And there’s going to be a lot of them. Take a look at it yourself to find out more about the Xbox One launch title.

Source: IGN