League of Legends: Season 4 Will See Changes to League System

Originally League of Legends featured a pretty conventional Ranked Ladder where players would just move up based on points acquired through their victories. It was a pretty tough job for it demanded consistency.

However, this year Riot Games introduced a new ‘League System’ where you could play promotional matches to secure yourself a new League. For example, a player in the Bronze division can play enough games to qualify for a Silver promotional match and if he wins, get promoted to a new Silver League.

This system has many benefits and makes it easier for players to secure higher tiers.

The greatest advantage is of course the fact that you cannot fall into your previous League. So Silver players have nothing to worry about falling back into the pits of Bronze hell, even if they go on a losing spree.

With Season 3 coming to an end, Riot Games has revealed some new changes to the current League System which will take effect upon the launch of Season 4. Those feeling secure about their Tiers will have to think again.

Players in Silver V, for example, will be demoted to Bronze I if they consistently lose matches. That’s a wake up call for those camping at the said division and being toxic in games to ruin matches for others.

Secondly players will now earn more LP (League Points) for winning matches. In fact those on winning streaks or having higher win ratios will earn more LP as well.

Season 4 will begin next week. League of Legends players have until November 11 to secure whatever Tier they can in Season 3.