Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Dev Diary Explains the Dracula

Some insights on Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 are up now in a first developer diary for the game. The video sits down with producer Dave Cox and developer Mercurysteam’s Enric Alvarez for details.

In the footage, the two go over their process to grow the character of Gabriel Belmont, which has since become the monster Dracula. They do imply that you need to have played the original Lords of Shadow to understand the descent from good to evil. Hopefully, a synopsis will be available for players who go in blind.

This transition in motivation is done to make Dracula appear more human. Lore in the past depicts the vampire as an aloof titan, always just out of arm’s reach.

With the game, they’ll want to bring more emotions to the character. Here, Gabriel is driven by his quest to end his own immortality, as his many years have brought him into the modern age.

Still, players need to expect a Dracula that is undoubtedly evil; just one that is a little more intelligent about his approach.

To portray the Lord of Darkness, voice actor Robert Carlyle will lend his voice. You’ll probably know him best for his role as the sociopath Begbie in Trainspotting.

In gameplay terms, we experience a first, as it wasn’t possible to play with Dracula before. Instead, past iterations included Alucard, as the Lord of Darkness’ antithesis. So, to build the new way to play, the vampire will receive new weaponry, as well as moves and abilities. His animations will be adjusted to look more athletic.

The two also go over their reference material, which includes Gary Oldman’s  Dracula, co-starring with Keanu Reeves in the 90s film. Other titles include the classic Nosferatu or even the odd, cowboy-based vampire flick Near Dark. Sadly, there was no love for The Lost Boys.

Konami recently also released the Castlevania: Lords of Shadow collection, which has a playable demo for Lords of Shadow 2.