Saints Row 4 Keelhauls Assassin’s Creed With 4 Pirate’s Booty DLC

Publisher Deep Silver continues to be devilishly fiendish with the Saints Row franchise. In their latest quip, they’ve launched the Pirate’s Booty downloadable content (DLC) for Saints Row IV.

Naturally, this is a jab at good old Assassin’s Creed, which is donning the piracy theme in its latest title.

In the Pirate’s Booty DLC, you’ll be able to adorn your characters with eye patches, peg legs and hooks for hands.

Weaponry gets an adjustment as well, with flintlock pistols and rifles being added to the arsenal, giving a classic vibe to the futuristic Saints Row title.

Perhaps its funniest addition in the DLC pack is the Scallywagon. This vehicle is your standard wooden ship, complete with mast and crow’s nest, but now sailing on land, thanks to some fresh wheels underneath the hull.

The Pirate’s Booty DLC is available now for €2.99.

This isn’t the first time developer Volition puts in time to make industry-related references. In a prior DLC package, it offered a GATV pack, themed around Saints Row criminal Johnny Gat, but perfectly timed to coincide with the GTA V release.

It also made references to the uprising of Marvel and DC content in media with a Super Saints Pack. There, characters can be seen flying around as either Vision from the Marvel stable or Martian Manhunter from DC Comics.

Saints Row IV is set in an open world that heavily relies on references in the first place. Its entire story is set in a derived form of The Matrix movies, with constant jokes about the 80s, dubstep, franchises like Mass Effect and so on.

At least, this slew of DLC releases ensures that dying material can be replaced with more topical content.