Nintendo’s Discontinued SwapNote Service was used by Paedophiles

It’s a good thing that Nintendo suspended their messaging application a week ago. It has now been revealed that certain degenerates were using the SwapNote service for child predation.

The SwapNote service, otherwise known as Letter Box was suspended on October 31 all over after regularly received reports evidenced misuse. At that time the exact nature of the misuse was not revealed but a report by Kotaku today has shed some light on the matter.

According to the report, multiple middle aged men were accused and arrested for using the service to lure young girls into sending nude pictures and meeting them.

According to Japanese newspaper Mainichi, the first of the two reported cases clearly mentions Letter Box as the medium that a 44 year old man used after being charged with child pornography. The man allegedly received indecent pictures from two girls aged 11 and 12.

The second incident involved two men aged 49 and 36 who were arrested on multiple rape charges. The duo had met a 12 year old girl in a hotel room after coercing her through 3DS – Yomimuri Online, the news agency that reported the incident didn’t make specific reference to SwapNote but it is the evident medium that could have been used.

Of course both the cases are from the time when the service was still in use. Since being suspended, SwapNote has been rendered essentially redundant and the only feature that remains active on it is StreetPass, an automated welcome message that it sends to random users.

Nintendo is yet to comment on the two allegations and we shall get back to you as we have word from them.

Source: Kotaku