Infinite Crisis: Harley Quinn Champion Spotlight Released

The newest addition to the roster of playable characters in Infinite Crisis is going to be Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel, who is better known as Harley Quinn, the therapist who turned psychotic after buying into Joker’s ‘sweet’ words.

With exceptional crowd control abilities, Harley is most effective when laning with a Marksman or Blaster as their support. Her abilities help to either drive enemies back or chase them down with the added bonus movement speed. She is also able to heal allies which brings sustenance to the table.

Here are her abilities in detail:

Passive: BFFS
After using a skill, Harley gains bonus Attack and Move speed for a short time. If an ally is nearby they also receive the boost.

Q: Pies!
Harley Quinn throws a delicious pie at her target, dealing Power Damage. Additionally, nearby enemies may also suffer a sweetly killer surprise.

W: Back Off
Harley Quinn smashes a target with her hammer, pushing them back and dealing Attack Damage. If the target is pushed into a wall they receive additional Attack Damage and are knocked down.

E: Best Medicine
Harley Quinn heals a targeted ally. Both she and her chosen target receive the BFFs effect.

R: Puddin’ Time
Harley Quinn smashes the ground with her hammer, dealing Power Damage in a cone. Enemies caught in the cone are knocked into the air.

She is going to be available for play starting on November 18.